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An irresistible temptation.
A split-second choice.
A dangerous decision.

A family, and the security to enjoy it: thatís all Tom and Anna Reed ever wanted. But years of infertility treatments, including four failed attempts at in vitro fertilization, have left them with neither. The emotional and financial costs are straining their marriage and endangering their dreams.

Then one night everything changes. Offered a chance at a future they'd almost lost hope in, they seize it. One simple choice. A fairy tale ending.

But Tom and Anna soon realize that fairy tales never come cheap. Because their decision puts them square in the path of ruthless men. Men who've been double-crossed, and who wonít stop until they get revenge.

No matter where they find it.


"GOOD PEOPLE is gleefully dread-filled, mercilessly tense, and moves with the speed of something fired from a sawed-off. Based on his first three novels, one can't help but feel Marcus Sakey is exactly the electric jolt American crime fiction needs."
Dennis Lehane, bestselling author of MYSTIC RIVER and THE GIVEN DAY

"Sakey creates a moral dilemma fit for an advanced ethics class...I felt the protagonists' pain to the point of flinching."
Chicago Sun-Times

"[A] terrific read...Sakey's best book yet."
Chicago Tribune

"Masterful. Each of Sakey's novels has topped the previous. GOOD PEOPLE follows that stellar pattern."
Florida Sun-Sentinel

"Dark, disturbing, and timely...Marcus Sakey is a prodigious talent."
Laura Lippman, bestselling author of WHAT THE DEAD KNOW

"Crime drama for the 21st century."
National Public Radio

"Sakey sees Chicago as a constant source of sin and temptation...[GOOD PEOPLE] is a classic bind."
The New York Times

"The best good-guy-bad-guy-accident-of-life-murder-mystery-theft book youíve read all year...the tables are turned, and turned again, and turned again. Fascinating."
Chicago Public Radio

"Sakey is a writer's writer. Not only is the book polished to a razor-edge it's also filled with flashes of insight that jar you. One of the most cunningly conceived and executed suspense novels I've ever read."
Ed Gorman, bestselling author of BLOOD MOON

"A stylish young writer...GOOD PEOPLE is a well-structured, tightly written yarn peopled with believable, well-drawn characters."
The Associated Press

"Sakey may have trouble equaling this stellar performance."
Publisher's Weekly (starred review)

"Violent confrontations, sensational shootouts, and hairpin curves...by the time GOOD PEOPLE is over, you'll be a puddle from this high tension thriller."
Madison County Herald

"A killer of a book. If you could read it with one eye closed, you'd feel safer — edge of the reader's seat stuff, and yet a wondrous streak of compassion tears your heart out. This is the novel that truly launches Sakey into the majors. Magnificent."
Ken Bruen, Edgar-nominated author of PRIEST

"One of the hottest young crime writers in the country."
The Oregonian

"The best moral-compromise-is-a-slippery-slope thriller since Scott Smith's A SIMPLE PLAN. Bravo!"
Adam-Troy Castro, Hugo-nominated author of EMISSARIES FROM THE DEAD

"This is neither a simple nor a stereotypical thriller. The action is frenetic, the suspense high, and the results shocking."
Library Journal

"A fascinating and deliciously tense exploration of how far decent people will go to fulfill their dreams...boy can this guy write."
HOUR Detroit

"GOOD PEOPLE scared the crap out of me."
Julia Spencer-Fleming, Edgar-nominated author of I SHALL NOT WANT

"The new master of the dark, hard-boiled crime thriller."
Providence Journal

"Demands to be read in one sitting...one of the most entertaining books of the summer."
Deadly Pleasures

"Powerful and haunting...if Harlan Coben is the master of the 'ordinary people' thriller, Sakey is his disciple."
Chicago Magazine

"Explosive...exceptionally gripping...easily one of the best crime novels of the year."
Lansing State Journal

"Chilling...masterful in showing how the daily drip, drip of dreams deferred can lead people into peril."

"High-intensity, high-stakes...packed with action, suspense and clever adversaries on both sides of the law."

"My stomach muscles clenched as the run-up proceeds to the inevitable confrontation...[an] extraordinary writer."
Spinetingler Magazine

"I found myself torn between being unable to stop reading, mingled with anxiety at what would happen on the next page. Ultimately, it was no contest: I could not put this book down."
Film and Book Magazine

"Readers will find themselves unable to stop flipping pages to see what happens next."
The Men's Book

"A must read...like the best roller coasters, the journey is fast paced with ups, downs and a few twists that make the time invested worth waiting in line."
Dark Scribe Magazine

"This is the type of crime novel that will win over non-crime fans in a big way...will definitely be a bright light on 2008's year-end list of crime fiction."